Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Lighting Box 2.7 is ready now

Create realistic lighting with just few clicks

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All in one lighting window with zero experience require

- Easy to use for artists
- Solves lighting issues automatically
- Apply lighting settings automatically to Camera and lights
- Integrated with True Volumetric Lights 
- One if the best image effects setup for Post Processing Stack
- Different video tutorials
- Compatible with all scene lightings(Desert,jungle,night tested)
- Volumetric Fog
- Fixed lots of bugs
- Added more features and videos
- Destruction sample 
- In-Game settings menu similar to AAA games 

Lighting Box 2:

- Post processing stack 2 support + in game settings menu
- Redesigned workflow
- better SSR and DOF effect's settings
- New color grading options
- Compatible for both indoor and outdoor scenes
- New design
- Faster workflow
- Cleaner workflow
- More voice tutorials
- A lot of sample projects and files
- More optimized
- In-Game settings menu
Free models for v 1 x+:

Rocks, 3d grass, speedtree standard assets tree models, sample house

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