Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Mobile Color Grading

This is the mobile compatible filmic color grading image effect

+ Trigger based switch based on profiles

Filmic color grading (ACES) has been used in all next gen games (also in Gameloft games) :

With a very good performance on even low end devices :

- Contrast
- Exposure
- Color Balance
- Vignette
- Saturation
- ACES Tonemapper
- Gamma

HD RP vs Built-In Pipeline Performance comparison

I want to share my performance comparison between HD RP and legacy :

Both are same in performance (color grading is a bit better in DH RP) 

HD RP vs Built-In Pipeline Performance comparison

HD : Default
Built In : High shadows 300 meter 
GIf Comparison Quality:

No Shadows:

HD RP vs Built-In Pipeline Performance comparison

1080P - Baked Lighting - No SSR - No AO
1. Run the game in Editor and take screenshot from Built-In pipeline
2. Create a new HD pipeline asset and assign it into the graphics settings
3. Convert materials from Edit->HD render pipeline
4. Disable shadows (it's not important in baked mode)
5. Run the game in editor and take screenshots 
Built - In:

Archviz Lighting Kit + Mobile Version

- Custom IBL solution
- Video tutorials
- Fully Realtime , Baked mode and Realtime GI setups
- Next-gen Paris sample scene similar to UE Paris demo
- Different post effects setup

Lighting Box 2.7 is ready now

Create realistic lighting with just few clicks

Buy from asset store

All in one lighting window with zero experience require

- Easy to use for artists
- Solves lighting issues automatically
- Apply lighting settings automatically to Camera and lights
- Integrated with True Volumetric Lights 
- One if the best image effects setup for Post Processing Stack
- Different video tutorials
- Compatible with all scene lightings(Desert,jungle,night tested)
- Volumetric Fog
- Fixed lots of bugs
- Added more features and videos
- Destruction sample 
- In-Game settings menu similar to AAA games 

Lighting Box 2:

- Post processing stack 2 support + in game settings menu
- Redesigned workflow
- better SSR and DOF effect's settings
- New color grading options
- Compatible for both indoor and outdoor scenes
- New design
- Faster workflow
- Cleaner workflow
- More voice tutorials
- A lot of sample projects and files
- More optimized
- In-Game settings menu
Free models for v 1 x+:

Rocks, 3d grass, speedtree standard assets tree models, sample house